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  1. Mobility as a service (car sharing, affordable transport, total cost of vehicle ownership, positive motivation for participation in sharing economy, mobile applications, payment and membership solutions)
  2. Innovative use of traffic data (big data applications, advanced trip planning, taxi and GPS traffic data utilization, innovative applications for public transport and drivers)
  3. Smart infrastructure based on IoT (smart parking, new park and ride concepts, smart public space utilization, infrastructure to vehicle communication)
  4. Clean mobility (electric vehicles, economic and green driving, decarbonizing city mobility, zero emission mobility in suburbs, mitigation of emissions and congestions)
  5. Semi and fully autonomous vehicles (vehicle to vehicle communication, accident prevention, data security, entertainment for driverless journeys)
  6. Smart city mobility (single-platform multimodal solutions combining public transport with sharing economy concepts including taxi, innovative connection of suburban areas with city center, indoor navigation in public transport stations, internet in public transport vehicles, facial recognition for better public transport safety)
  7. Smart tourist mobility (connecting driving in cities and countryside with tourism and history)
  8. Vehicle fleet management (innovative solutions for optimal fleet utilization, machine learning systems for predictive public transit fleet maintenance)
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