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  1. Improving Existing Projects (Development of an existing partner application / product.)
  2. Residential Parking (Business case for the use of office parking spaces by residents.)
  3. Value-added Services (Laundry, delivery of goods & food, shared transport, pop-up coworking, roof garden, shopping etc. How to make life of employees easier and how to save their time?)
  4. Facility Management (Building maintenance, cleaning and repairs. Can it work better and/or more efficiently?)
  5. Security (Building & IT access management, IT infrastructure & communication security etc. Can you think of solutions providing more security or lowering the costs?)
  6. Sustainability (Recycling, grey water, energy savings, zero waste, kitchen waste. Can buildings be more ecological and prevent unnecessary energy wasting or resources spending?)
  7. Comfort & Productivity (Lighting, ambiance, relax space, interior design, food & drinks, fresh air, stress reduction. Or something else? Will you think of a better manner how to handle interior spaces in order to increase productivity and happiness of employees?)
  8. Healthier working space (World Health Organization’s study says that in 1984 “only” 30 percent of people working in developed countries suffered from unhealthy office environment syndrome. This ratio was 60 percent by 2002 due to air condition in open spaces, lights etc. Can you help to make it healthier?)
  9. Electric Vehicles & Charging (Autonomous and electric vehicles will surround us soon. Can smart building help smart mobility? Help creating charging stations, shared fleets for employees and public.)
  10. Internet of Things & Use of Data (There is plenty of office buildings data people can use. Sensors can analyze people movement, energy consumption, employees’ productivity, interior design and much more. Build a new hardware gadget or come up with new service based on IoT. How can we use all data produced by buildings?)
  11. This might be your challenge (As a Hackathon partner, you have a chance to submit your challenge focused on how to make buildings safer, more comfortable & sustainable or how they can be more connected with people in the neighborhood etc.)
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