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  1. Hack the Veteran (Improve the life of a real ex-soldier with service-related injuries.)
  2. Big Data & AI (Making patients healthier through data analysis and artificial Intelligence.)
  3. Smart Hospital (Novel solutions for hospitals & practices in the domains of information systems.)
  4. Diseases of Affluence including Social Media Addiction (Cure Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer & Addictions through data, software and hardware.)
  5. Abnormal Involuntary Movement Smartphone App = AIMSA (Design an app that will be able to detect early signs of anomalous involuntary rhythmic facial and tongue movements or mask-like face as a side effect of medication and register characteristics associated with severity of tremor, limb stiffness or lower limb restlessness, such as acceleration, rotation and gravity in a simple and non-burdensome way.)
  6. Adherence and Compliance (How to Make Patients Follow the Prescription & Therapy Better.)
  7. Smart Rehabilitation (Digitize the stretching and flexing of muscles and make rehab fun for kids.)
  8. Predictive Health Diagnostics (Design a neural network able to understand patient query and match it with the right answer using Q&A database from online medical consultation platform.)
  9. Communicating with the Deaf (How could the deaf communicate in life emergency through sign language using digital communication channels combined with the power of AI?)
  10. Understanding brain functions and dysfunctions (Predictive neuroscience, functional brain mapping, brain image analysis, classifying and simulating diseases of the brain, motor control and movement disorders: sounds your cup of tea?)
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