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  1. Disruptive Energy Models (Suggest how to change the fundamentals of current energy systems to cope with decentralised future, new sources of flexibility, role of prosumers and new transactions between the actors. Think virtual power plants, energy clouds and autarchic sysyems. Can you show us how blockchain might disrupt the field? How could we resuscitate the energy industry and empower the customer?)
  2. Energy Consumption Predection (There are plenty of data, that are not yet being used to predict energy flows, such as data from decentralised gadgets and seemingly irrelevant, but correlated data. Try to suggest how to gather such data and use it to improve portfolio management and prevent blackouts. How about hiring artificial intelligence to do the job?)
  3. Ecosystem Boost for Electric Vehicles (Electric vehicles are a big topic, but suffer from juvenile pains in early stage of development. Try to propose tools, apps, gadgets to help emobility take off tomorrow. What would make your grandmother jump into a Tesla?)
  4. Sharing Economy in Energy (Peer-to-Peer trading among prosumers, electric vehicle sharing and similar models are already here. Come with something new. How could energy sharing be fun?)
  5. Sales Process and Sales Channel Digitization (Digital is the must have interface. Try to discover the gem in the flood of apps and come with creative ways of selling the invisible, low-involvement commodity – electricity, heat, gas and complementary products and services. How can we craft offers that no one can refuse?)
  6. Customer Engagement with Energy (Try to boost customer engament, emotions or at least some interest from customers in the low interest business of utility providers. How about creating a customer life planner or virtual energy advisor? How do we make energy consumption a game everybody would love to play?)
  7. Big Data in Energy (How do we make big data useful data? Think Energy Data Hub, where tailor made products and services based on individual profile are forged. Imagine a world of open data about all about energy. How could cities, companies, state, customers, traders, in short everybody, benefit?)
  8. Apps and IoT Gadgets to Optimize Energy Generation and Use (Apps and gadgets are complex and sophisticated, but needs of customers are usually much simpler, like “peace of mind”, assurance that their home is run efiiciently. Single sense, single button, no menus, just plug and play. This is what both energy providers and customers look for. Try to analogize instead digitizing.)
  9. Smart Home Use Cases (There are 100+1 different smarthome vendors, mostly concentrating on thermal regulation, security and fidldling with appliances. Try to come up with something that really improves lives of customers. Concentrate on use cases. Think human touch rather than computer algorithm. How could your home adapt to your mood? How could it guess your next move?)
  10. Smart Lighting (Smart city is an all-covering buzzword. Lighting seems to be the first real improvement and opportunity for other features. Try to come up with extensions to lighting for better life in cities, homes, companies and buildings.)
  11. Define Your Own Crazy Challenge Imagine world upside down where energy is for free, ownership of anything is obsolete, people move freely in virtual worlds and do not spend time at work. What products would they buy?
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