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  1. Content (VR, AR, education, games and apps to entertain you in your self-driving vehicle.)
  2. Experience eMobility on the road (Find new solutions for the users and operators of the electric cars to provide them with innovative user environment. Where is it ideal for me to charge my car? How long does it take and what is the final price for charging - at home, at work or at a public station? Should I adjust my driving style to reach my destination? Which data are relevant for me while driving the car? Are there some relevant patterns to differentiate between drivers? Come up with unique solutions and transform your ideas into reality. Both historic and live data from the electric vehicles and charging stations will be provided to you. While working on the project, you will also have a chance to try one of the electric cars on your own.)
  3. Big Data & AI (Making mobility smarter through data & Artificial Intelligence.)
  4. Blockchain (Fast, efficient, certain.)
  5. How to improve mobility through LoRa? (Build your own hack on LoRa network platform by CRA to make life easier for consumers or companies.)
  6. Sensors, Meters & Apps (Make cities smarter with IoT and mobiles.)
  7. Urban Transport (Multimodal, multiuser, shareable.)
  8. Value Prediction (How much will your car be worth in the future?)
  9. Payment & Fuel (Smart solutions to top you up on the road.)
  10. How to reach a music festival in a clean and responsible way? (Can you optimize sustainable transport of visitors to major cultural events outside the reach of public transport city hubs?)
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